A Shoe Hive Staff Favorite: MoMo’s Sushi

by Patience

We all have that go-to restaurant in town, the one that never disappoints. Well, you may need to add another one to your list. MoMo Sushi Restaurant at the corner of Fairfax and Cameron in Old Town is worthy of praise for many reasons.

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For one, their customer service is extraordinary and we are true sticklers for great customer service at The Shoe Hive. Second, their sushi bar is top notch. Our staff can’t get enough of it. When we all leave our lunches at home–sometimes purposely, we collectively order takeout from MoMo’s. They never let us down and most importantly they are always consistent. I can order the same sushi platter every day and it would taste the same–and trust me, that’s a good thing.


Their menu is relatively the same as any other sushi bar in the area. They have a full assortment of sushi at reasonable prices. They even have lunch and dinner specials to choose from that are both filling and fulfilling. My personal favorite is the spicy roll combo, it is delicious! I’ve also tried the spider rolls and they were exceptional! MoMo’s believes the real heart of sushi is in the vinegar rice base. They also believe that taste and the right texture are key to serving mouth-watering sushi rolls and teriyaki. Whatever the secret to their success, it’s working!


With all that being said, you are probably wondering why they are worthy of a spotlight. There are many great restaurants in town of course but MoMo’s has a special place in our hearts. Their business has the same code of ethics as ours–provide great customer service and create an amazing customer experience for everyone. Being a small family owned business can be hard especially when you have to keep up with many of the larger retail stores and restaurants. This is why it is important to spread the word when you have a great customer experience while shopping and eating locally. We’ve noticed that many of our customers aren’t familiar with MoMos. Often times when we are scarfing down our lunch in the back, we get asked where we got it from. Thus, we felt it necessary to spread the word. We want you all to enjoy the atmosphere, the staff and most importantly the food as much as we do!

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