The Hive Styles: Winter Whites by Rag and Bone

Our first delivery of Rag and Bone apparel arrived a couple of weeks ago and we all did a little happy dance. Since then, the long-sleeve tees have steadily been disappearing from our racks, the denim is dwindling and the asymmetrical dresses and sweaters have already sold out. But we haven’t sold one of the winter white and black-trimmed cardigans yet. I’ve tried to come up with a reason, and the only thing that makes sense is the cardigan gets lost in the mix. It’s genius is in its simplicity, but it fails to attract attention because of it.


Elizabeth asked me a couple of days ago if I thought we should try to send it back, and I responded with a resounding, “NO!” I told her I had styled Kristi in the sweater, was planning a blog post/email combination centered on it, and that soon all of our customers would understand its utility and see its gorgeousness for themselves. So, here it is. The sweater everyone should own. The sweater that hangs on the back of your chair at work so when you get cold you have something cozy AND chic to wear. The sweater you layer over blouses and under vests. The sweater that never goes out of style, and the sweater that is so completely on trend. You’re welcome. – Christen


Pictured here: Equipment sweater, Rag and Bone cardigan, Piccolo cashmere scarf, Getting Back to Square One leggings, Stuart Weitzman boots.