Meet Lacey Eigel at The Hive

Hi! My name is Lacey and I am new to The Hive family! I am 22 years old and just recently moved to Alexandria from the Columbus, Ohio area to attend graduate school at The George Washington University. I am working towards getting my masters degree in forensic psychology. So yeah, I may be doing one of those cool jobs that you see on TV or I may end up working in assessment and evaluation of prisoners, mediating for child custody cases or sitting behind a desk analyzing data for the government. (Just thought I would cover that.)

Before moving to Alexandria I attended Wittenberg University in Springfield Ohio where I studied psychology, was a member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority and played college softball. I have lived in Ohio for most of my life with my parents, younger sister and dogs. While I have never worked retail before joining The Hive I really enjoy talking to people and figured it would be a great fit! Besides work and going to school I really enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, doing anything that has to do with dogs, working out, enjoying any kind of delicious food and going anywhere that involves live music!


How long have you worked at the Hive?
I began working here in August.

Do you have any fun stories or memories from working here?
One day Elizabeth told Christen that we were going to be giving away Unicorn horns to every customer for the gift with purchase and the look on Christen’s face was horrified, and priceless. Also, any evening in the store that includes our great customers, my coworkers and wine is one to remember!

What’s your favorite thing about working here?
My co-workers are amazing. I also enjoy that every day here is different whether I am helping someone shop for a special event, or modeling all the new clothing for a blog post photo shoot , it is never a boring day!

Who’s your favorite designer that we carry?
I LOVE the Mother denim and VEDA jackets at The Hive. I am also a fan of Sam Edelman and Rag and Bone!

What’s your go-to shoe trend?
I love a good bootie! Fall shoes in general!

Are there any trends you can’t get behind?

Cropped Wide leg pants.. more power to you if you can pull them off.

What’s your favorite pair you’ve acquired while working here?

I haven’t acquired many shoes yet but I have my eye on a few. I have june jacket that I have to convince myself not to wear every day.