Holiday Gift Guide: Under $25

Gift-giving is already tricky when you begin your gift-getting and your budget is still ample. But inevitably there comes a moment after the shopping is done and you’ve blown through your budget when you realize there are a few more people at the tail end of your list. People, oh, like your entire office, that couple hosting a holiday party, and that semi-friend who dropped a subtle hint she got you something when you totally weren’t going to get her anything. And you realize you’re not so done with shopping at all.

That’s where these this list comes in.

You won’t have to shell out much for the picks on this gift guide, whether they’re presents for coworkers or acquaintances or even loved ones. That doesn’t mean they have to look like an afterthought though. In fact, this list includes gifts that are thoughtful and practical, gifts that any recipient will love and appreciate!


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