NSF: California Cool Comes to Alexandria

Inspired by its Southern California origins, NSF provides a modern expression of American style rich with textural detailing and boyish charm. Founded in 2005 by Nick Friedberg, NSF has earned a loyal following for its clean aesthetic, understated cool and eminently wearable collections. NSF blends a relevant and directional attitude with soft comfort. NSF is designed with a pointed ability to retool casual luxury. Men and women seek NSF for its independent spirit, quiet ease and confident attitude. NSF redefines comfort and quality and expresses itself through its highly curated and inspired wash development.

“Our approach has been to design what we love without worrying about whether or not it was going to be accepted.” Says Jamie Haller, NSF Creative Director and Designer.


Here are some of the newly arrived NSF pieces at The Hive. For sizing inquiries or to purchase by phone, please call us at 703.548.7110 or email us at info@theshoehive.com.


Napore, $250

Sounya in Blue, $250

Cassidy in Blue, $115

Thea, $145 (Also available in white.)

Sounya in Grey, $250


Grace, $295

Cassidy in Grey, $115

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