New Jewelry, Part One: Mignonne Gavigan at The Hive

Admittedly, our jewelry game ebbs and flows–it’s just better sometimes than at others. Staying at the top of our game requires constant research (ie browsing on Instagram) and ensuring we have a variety of styles and price points. Toward this effort, we have brought to our stores two new lines we think you will love. At The Hive, we’ve introduced the necklace scarves and earrings by Mignonne Gavigan (below) and to The Shoe Hive we have stocked our case with Diane Cotton’s designs (more on that tomorrow).

Elizabeth stumbled upon Mignonne Gavigan on Instagram, and then was pumped to discover a good friend was already a fan! It must have been a sign!

Throughout her twelve-year career as a designer in New York, Mignonne Gavigan Smith has explored design and honed her skills designing beautifully crafted pieces, from shoes to handbags to apparel. After seeing the interesting artistry that goes into handmade pieces and examining design through different lenses, Mignonne created an eye-catching way to wear beautifully detailed silks and fabrics as statement-making pieces that can transform any outfit.


Mignonne first created her signature beaded chiffon scarf necklace in early 2009. The idea was born when she draped a ripped piece of an embellished vintage gown around her neck. Realizing the impact the ornate beauty of vintage gowns could have on an everyday outfit in the form of accessories, Mignonne used her experience with ready-to-wear collections to perfect the pieces that have now been seen on celebrities like Jessica Biel, Kate Mara, and more. Here are a few of her designs that are now available at The Hive. Give us a call at 703.548.7110 with questions!








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