Introducing: Little Barn Apothecary

by Katie

Little Barn Apothecary was introduced to me through my fabulous and older sister, Courtney. I have to point out that while she is older, her skin makes her look younger than me! Ugh! #soannoying

My sister has always been my skincare role model. With that being said, whenever we get together, one of our favorite things to do is pour out our makeup bags and open up our bathroom drawers and scoop through each other’s latest and greatest. We love all things beauty and have always shared a passion for beauty exploration. She takes “masking” seriously. In fact when I Facetimed her one random Friday night she had a Charcoal and Coconut face mask on that made Facetiming truly hilarious! While of course, I made fun of her and we were laughing, I secretly had to find that exact mask and try it out for myself.

So it’s not surprising then that it is Courtney who discovered Little Barn Apothecary and introduced me to the brand. Courtney explained she was browsing Instagram, came across their account, and instantly fell in love. She reached out to them inviting them to her Capsule trade show in NYC & LA. And as they say, the rest is history.

LBA is a small-batch, all natural beauty line that launched in 2015 out of Atlanta. The two founders, Joshua Morgan and Brad Scoggins both had passions for all things natural and alas, Little Barn Apothecary was born. LBA and my sister became fast friends and since then, Court has encouraged my addiction to all of their products! One of my favorite is their ultra hydrating Matcha + Mint lip balm.”Created as a lip balm this miracle hydrator can be used for lips, and anywhere you feel like you need a little bit of love.”

With their simple approach to safe and modern apothecary, they have been seen in Vogue, The Coveteur, The Huffington Post, W, New Beauty, and Glamour and it’s safe to say we are sure their new line of lip care found at The Shoe Hive is sure to be a hit for your lips.

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