Courtyard Clearance: $25 & $50 T-shirts, Tanks, & Sundry

T-shirts are staples in all our wardrobes; we wear them no matter what season it is. In summer, they are our go-to, and in the winter we layer them under everything. I have stacks of t-shirts ordered by color in my closet. So do I really need any more t-shirts? Probably not, but if they are marked down to either $25 or $50, then maybe I do!

Well, that is what we are doing starting today, July 14 through Sunday, July 16 for our Courtyard Clearance. We are taking these deals down the street to The Shoe Hive. You will find deep discounts on all your favorite t-shirts and other great casual clothing items from Current Elliot, AMO, NSF and Sundry–and they will all be marked to $25 or $50, but for one weekend only.

And if you hadn’t heard, we are also marking all our other spring and summer merchandise down to 50 percent off. Stop in both stores for great deals–you won’t want to miss it!

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