Everything We Love About Alexandria

I think everyone knows how much I love Alexandria. There are so many reasons why, but one of the biggest is the small business community. The friendship and support that I have received over the years that I’ve been a retailer from other business owners has truly been remarkable. I have always thought that rising water lifts all boats, which is why I believe so strongly in things like The Old Town Boutique District and Alexandria Stylebook. These are all collaborative efforts to brand our neat place as one unique destination in a crowded marketplace. We need to all be working together to make Alexandria even greater. Maybe I am biased, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better town for small businesses than Alexandria and it is because there are so many amazing entrepreneurs here who will help you along the way. When I asked some of my friends to help me out this weekend to celebrate tjhe anniversaries of The Shoe Hive and The Hive everyone said “yes.” I’m grateful to my friends’ for helping make this weekend a great celebration for The Hive and The Shoe Hive and to let you see a little window into why they are special, I asked everyone on my team to tell you why all these other small business are so great.

Our most Senior Sales Associate, Kristi loves Fibre Space!! Kristi says, “Fibre Space just moved into an adorable new location on Prince street and I couldn’t wait to check it out! All the colorful yarns and possibilities make me so happy. Such a great place to go if you want to gift homemade cozy items this Christmas. They even do classes to teach you! If you haven’t, you have got to check Fibre Space out!”

One of our newest members to The Shoe Hive team, but long time designer of our window displays, Chris loves Misha’s Coffee!! Chris says, “Coffee is the fuel to life, the only saving grace to a Monday morning, and Misha’s has never failed to deliver. This wonderful coffee house has a wide variety of beans and roasts to choose from as well as an amazing staff that makes sure you are fully caffeinated for the day ahead of you. There is a reason orange cups are seen all over old town. Misha’s is AWESOME!”

Our fearless leader, Elizabeth Todd is obsessed with Sarah Akram Skincare. Elizabeth shares, “I met Sarah Akram years ago because of my friend and customer, Mary, and her fabulous eyelashes. It was sidewalk sale weekend and I was talking to Mary in the courtyard and I could not stop looking at her eyelashes. Finally I had to be rude and ask, what have you done to your lashes? The answer was simple, I go to Sarah Akram. I walked inside, booked an appointment and so began my addiction to Sarah. It started with lashes and now I see her once a month for facials. Everyone knows the first Tuesday of every month I am pretty much not available and with Sarah. At age 44 my skin has never looked better. Besides her being so talented at what she does, she is as kind as they come. I look forward to seeing her once a month and now consider her a good friend.”

Our newest member to The Hive team is Sarah! As a mother of boys she says, “529 Kids Consign is an Old Town treasure! I love to shop for my 7 year old son and really love when I consign his gently worn clothes. At that age children are growing out of everything so quickly and its nice to know I get some of that money back after he has only worn his outfits a couple times. Also if you haven’t met the owner, Megan Podolsky you are really missing out!”

One of our sales associates, Lacey, loves Kiskadee. Lacey says, “Kiskadee is your one stop shop! They have a great selection of gifts, home decor, shoes and clothing. The welcoming atmosphere and helpful staff makes it a comfortable and fun place to find the perfect gift or your next outfit!” Stop by and check it out!

The Shoe Hive’s Manager, Penelope, is crazy about Bellacara. Having always wanted to be a makeup person she literally had no idea where to start. Turns out a trip to Bellacara was all it took! Not only do they have everything, but they give the best guidance, making anyone and everyone feel comfortable in there store! Needless to say Penelope has increased her lipstick collection from 1 to over 10 in a 6 month time frame. You have got to check Bellacara out!

Katie our Director of Operations loves Red Barn Mercantile. Red Barn is a local and Shoe Hive favorite. Not only do they have great home gifts but also because we love their staff! Friendly & energetic faces always help me find the perfect engagement, house warming, or birthday present for my family and friends. Thank you Amy for always having what I am looking for and then some 🙂 I never leave RBM empty handed!

The Team:
In case you miss Adrien’s class this morning, Fitness on the Run is a great alternative to the loud, packed out gyms. This private small fitness focused center is all about strength, education, and personalized attention. With a wide selection of trainers, they will get you educated on what you’re doing and will help you get in the best shape. In addition to helping you inside the gym, they provide information on what to do when your outside the gym, such as eating habits and nutrition. They are hands down the best!

The Team:
This amazing boutique located by the water has a wide selection of items, ranging from beautiful clothes, to fun and classy home furnishings. There is literally something for everyone! Plus there’s free parking so why not stop on in and pick up a timeless piece for yourself or a friend!

The Team:
Stomping Ground is a Shoe Hive and Hive favorite. Their breakfasts and lunches are out of this world! If you haven’t tried their biscuits then you truly aren’t living! We feel very comfortable singing their praises as our team has many a productive breakfast meeting there. One word: yummmmm!!!

The team:
Ivy Lane Living is just a 30 second walk from our clothing store on Cameron street. Pop in and take a look around this full service interior design establishment. Taking classic designs and elevating them with their own unique ideas. The brains of Alex Deringer and Courtney Cox form a team that can make your home look straight out of Vogue.

The Team:
Located right on King St, Bazzak, an amazing hair salon, is stacked with the best hair stylists. The founder Marzi, has over 35 years in the industry, and her team all have at least 5 years of experience cutting hair. They’ll work with you on finding the right look and will help you maintain perfect hair. All we know who have gone to Bazzak have had nothing but great things to say!

Half of looking good is feeling good, and nothing feels better than a workout at Mind the Mat! With all kinds of different classes, workshops, and series, there’s something for everyone. The energy and sense of community in the building is contagious, I have never had so much fun while working out!

The Team:
Alexandria Restaurant Partners is the place to eat! With restaurants under their management including Vola’s, Virtue Feed and Grain, and The Majestic – you are sure to never be disappointed. From casual to fine dining you will always leave full and satisfied!

The Team:
Salon De ZEN helps you create yourself. Located off of King street, this salon helps you get the look you want by working with you until they get it right. An amazing and friendly staff unsure you get the best service and care you need. You leave feeling refreshed and ready to debut the new you.