Tibi: November 10-12

The November Trunk Show series is already in full swing — we even started a little early this year because we had more great lines we wanted to feature than one month’s calendar could accommodate.

Since we now have a clothing store and the party season is approaching, we decided this is the perfect time to showcase one of our favorite brands, especially when it comes to holiday dressing, Tibi.

Since it arrived on our racks last spring, Tibi has attracted a loyal following of Alexandria customers looking that special piece for an event. This line’s pieces have an ease about them yet always seem to have a little twist that makes them something you don’t already have in your closet.

Tibi has changed since I first purchased it as a shopper back in the late 1990s. The brand started in 1997 and was known first for prints and more conservative bodies. But in 2010, designer Amy Smilovic made a bold move to change the brand. She said she centered her transition on four adjectives: clean, modern, relaxed, and feminine. She wanted the new Tibi to be refined but not edgy or tough. When the line relaunched in 2012, it quickly made a mark on the contemporary fashion world and with each season they seem to get even better.

If you want to know what every other line will be doing, look to Tibi. They were the first to launch the loafer slide, even before Gucci did. The off-the-shoulder trend that has saturated almost every line the last two years can be traced back to Tibi as well. Come to the trunk show to find a great new outfit for your holiday events – secure in the knowledge that everyone who compliments you on it will wear something similar to their holiday parties next year!