Think Pink

People just don’t wear enough pink. That’s been my contention for many years and I won’t be dissuaded. I often hear people (even our beautiful model, Penelope) say they don’t look good in pink. I beg to differ. I think there is some shade of pink that will good on everyone. And is there a happier color than pink? You just cannot make pink frown; pink is a giggle, or at least a grin.

I just went to see Mary Poppins Returns and I noticed that in all the magical animated scenes, pink seemed to be a dominant color. At my eighth viewing of The Nutcracker at Warner Theatre, the last scene the stage was covered with beautiful, pink cherry blossoms (it is the D.C. version, after all). The famous ‘80s movie wasn’t Pretty in Green. Nope, it was Pretty in Pink.

This resort season, we have pink for now and pink for later; an amazing suit and dress by Veronica Beard that can take you to and through spring. If you get to pack your bags any time soon for a warmer climate, we have a wrap dress and shirt from Xirena that will add that little extra something to your wardrobe.

Give pink a try this spring and summer. We are getting so many more pink pieces delivered in the coming weeks and, admit it, pink just makes us all smile.