The Bag I Didn’t Know I Needed: The Sporty Spice by Annabel Ingall

A few months ago I was leaving a HAWT Pilates class at Mind the Mat in Del Ray and I put my suede cross-body bag across my sweatshirt as I left class. By the time I got to my car, my purse had not fared too well. The workout was tough and the sweat on my bag proved it. All I could keep thinking about was how much I wanted these new Annabel Ingall bags to arrive.

Annabel Ingall has been a staple at The Shoe Hive for years now. She is known for her sleek and classically shaped bags that are made out the softest yet most durable leather you can find. Her Isabella tote is my go-to travel bag and even though I have had it more than five years it still looks like new. When I stopped by her booth at market last summer, her spring line was, as I have come to expect, beautiful and elegant. I am excited for the new bags, but that isn’t what stopped me in my tracks.

What stopped me in my tracks was a collection of brightly colored neoprene bags, in a perfect shape, of course. The colors were bright and the size was perfect — not too big, not too small. Turns out they were exactly what I needed for running around town and I have been counting down the days until they arrive.

And when I spill something in it, which I will, I will just wipe it out! I am not sure I have ever been more excited for a purse…and it is only $135. Now I just have to decide what color to get.