Ulla, Ulla, Ulla

I know I am starting to sound like a broken record but I’ve just got to talk to you about the latest Ulla Johnson delivery. I can’t not share each collection with the Stylebook readers. Even when you think it’s impossible, every delivery, it seems to get better.

I feel like a musician when they are interviewed about their most recent album release and they say how obviously this record is the best one yet – no matter how legendary the previous one was. Don’t worry, come March the spring Ulla collection will be the one I can’t live without.

But seriously, the pre-spring delivery doesn’t disappoint and delivers the perfect amount of ruffle and florals — sometimes in the same piece. They make the perfect additions for the dreary cold month ahead, when we all need a little something bright and cheery. The white top is perfect for this time of the year and easy to wear with cozy cardigans and blazers. The blue floral shirt is perfectly paired with black denim or leather pants.

Did I mention that we are getting in our first heel from Ulla Johnson at The Shoe Hive? It is one of my favorites for spring. Come check out Ulla Johnson – and fall in love with her all over again.