Save Your Money, Save Your Clothes: Why I Love The Laundress

At this point in our lives, we all have clothes in our wardrobe in which we have invested some money. Instead of fast fashion, we all have pieces that we buy that we want to wear often and have last for years.

That means we need to take care of them. If you are anything like me, this usually means taking these pieces to the cleaner. My dry cleaning bill in transition months usually proves it! It’s also the time of year when we notice some our sweaters have started to look a little worn or pilled. I would like to urge all of you to try and care for your sweaters and other items at home – you just might find they hold up better with a little tender loving care rather than a quick trip to the cleaners.

This is why I started carrying The Laundress at The Hive. I realized it was time for me to roll up my sleeves and do some of this maintenance work on my own. Not only will it save me money, it will save my clothes. The truth is the more we wash and dry clean things, the more we break down the fibers.

The line was started for that exact reason. Two friends who worked in fashion at Ralph Lauren and Chanel had the exact same problem. Their clothes were getting ruined and they decided it was time to take matters into their own hands – and thus The Laundress was born.

My favorite product besides the detergent is the static spray. In the winter I always fight the “cling” and this spray is magic, even with silks.

Nobody knows sweaters better than Danielle Romanetti, the owner of fibre space, and she wrote a great piece on how to care for your knits no matter what the fabric. The Laundress website is another great resource. It has sections by type of fabric, and you can even search its database by stain. If we don’t carry a product you want to try, we are happy to special order it for you.