These Are the Podcasts I Am Loving Right Now

Back in the early 90s, when I was attending journalism school, there were many discussions about the future of news and how people would consume information. Everyone knew change was coming, they just weren’t exactly sure where things would end up.

We all knew things were moving to digital, but no one could quite put their finger on it. They were looking for the new pulse, and it was there, it was just faint. I remember learning the first versions of PageMaker and Photoshop and my professors talking about how CD-ROMs were going to take over. No longer would folks have the Encyclopedia Britannica on their shelves; they would simply buy it on CD and scroll through. Well, they missed that one by a little bit. We also never would have they thought the critically acclaimed Rocky Mountain News, a daily paper in Denver, would fold along with dozens others in cities all over the country.

We all missed things, but in recent years I really missed a trend — I think a lot of us did — and it’s the rise of the podcast. My husband is an avid runner and more than a decade ago he began downloading NPR or sports shows to listen to when he went for a run. I thought, how can you listen to someone talk while you work out? Doesn’t he need a little J.T. or Beyoncé to keep him motivated?

Now, here I am, a few years down the road looking forward to walking my dog or doing the dishes as I listen to my favorite podcast. I am a complete convert.

No matter what your interest, there hundreds upon hundreds of podcasts about any and every subject under the sun.

My favorite topic is entrepreneurship, both big and small, folks who have figured it out or folks who are figuring it out. I thought I would share a few of my “must listens,” and I hope people will send some suggestions my way, as well. I would love to hear what everyone is listening to.

My love affair started with my How I Built This on NPR. Guy Raz interviews the founders of today’s biggest companies. It is fascinating to see how they all built “it” and learn most of them started with not much money and a really great idea. It is amazing to see how something little can become so incredible and we all can’t imagine our lives without Spanx and Whole Foods.

One of the first episodes I listened to on How I Built This was with Drybar Founder Alli Webb. If there was ever a company that spoke to my soul, it is Drybar. Alli, the woman behind the concept, and her brother Michael, who also is her business partner and co-founder, host a great podcast, Raising the Bar, with business owners big and small. Many folks are just starting off and Alli and Michael give advice on what the next steps they should take to grow their dream. My favorite episode is where they interview the first entrepreneur in their lives, their dad. He just happened to own women’s stores in Florida. It makes me realize maybe my kids are paying attention to what I am doing!

Hosted by Who What Wear founder Hilary Kerr, Second Life is my current favorite show. She interviews different women about how they changed careers and embarked on new professional journeys. If you need some encouragement to try that career you always wanted to have or to hang out your shingle and see if you can make it work, this is the podcast for you. My favorite episode features Ellen Bennett, the founder of Hedley & Bennett. The hard work and determination of this very young woman is so inspiring. I am making a playlist for my daughter. I wish I had so much of this wisdom passed on to me at an early age.