Be Our Valentine: Hart Jewelry Special

A few months ago we were lucky enough to have Hart Hagerty make an in-store appearance. I had never met her before, but felt like I knew her from her instagram feed. What I imagined in my mind is exactly who she is; kind, funny, a true free spirit and easy to be around. I realized something else after she spent a few hours in my store: she is an amazing storyteller. So it only makes sense that her jewelry also tells a story. These stories are what led her to create her series of heart shaped and themed pendant called The Lover Collection. The My Love pendant is my personal favorite. Victorian-inspired, it features lucky symbols on the front and “My Love” on the back  The Follow Your Bliss Necklace features a signet that belonged to an Italian painter with the last name Corregia. Regio happens to mean royal in Italian and the F.Y.B. (“follow your bliss”) is a reminder to follow your soul’s path and remember you’re the queen of your own universe. The collection is all demi-fine (gold-plated brass) and coated with a special ecoating so it will never tarnish.

 Since Valentine’s Day is upon us I decided what better designer to help us celebrate Valentine’s Day than Hart! Recently married she gushed about her husband. She is a true romantic. 

So here is your chance to grab one of her classic top knot earrings or a pendant necklace from her Lover Collection, of course.