“This is the shirt I’d always wished they’d make!”

In an effort to create a store that has great basics — elevated basics, we like to say — one of the lines that we (and our customers) have embraced is Frank & Eileen.

Frank & Eileen is a shirt company that makes all of its clothes in the United States and only uses fine fabric imported from Italy. That is a pretty winning combination, if you ask me. They stick to certain cuts and once you figure out the ones that work for your lifestyle or body shape, it makes shopping easy. Even Princess Meaghan and Prince Harry wear their shirts; what other fashion stamp of approval do you need?

So when Frank & Eileen introduce a new style, you know it is going to be perfect. They have just added “The Frank” to the collection and I am calling my shot now: this is going to be everyone’s new favorite.

“The Frank” is essentially the line’s two most popular styles, The Eileen and The Barry, merged into one. It is a slimmer, more tailored fit like The Barry, but not quite as fitted so it has the ease of the Eileen. This is the shirt I’d always wished they’d make! It is like they read my mind. It’s a little dressier so you can tuck it in but still has some room if you want to untuck it for a more casual look.

Clean, crisp, and tailored, it takes you to work or to the weekend. Just when you thought a line couldn’t get any better, it does.

We started with the two basics, light blue and white, and added in a heart one, just for fun.