♫ Sisters, Sisters. There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters. ♫

If you know the Schell sisters, Emily Schell Jones and Evie Schell Cartwright, then you know why this costume is so perfect for them. Raised in Pullman, Washington, these two are the epitome of a close sister bond.

And let me tell you, if you want a good laugh, get an invitation to hang out with these ladies. They always seem to have a smile on their faces and are just hilarious, alone, or amplified when they are together. So when I was unpacking Veronica Beard and thinking about who would  be great to model this spring’s bright and cheery collection and announce the upcoming trunk show, the Schell sisters were the first ladies to come to mind.

This spring marks the return of the power suit, but with a twist. I almost equate it with that smirk of a cat just eating a mouse. It’s like they’re saying: “yes, we mean business, but we also are fun.” That fits these two for sure.

Not only are these sisters an absolute blast to be around (ask either one to tell you the story about when Evie visited Emily when she was studying in Germany; it is a personal favorite of mine) they are also smart, hard-working business owners.

Emily is a fundraising consultant for non-profits. She currently is working to raise $50 million to build the National World War I Memorial in D.C. Her job takes her to the C-Suites of the biggest companies in America. Evie is a Beautycounter Executive Director and was one of the top sales  producers at the company, earning her a recent trip to The Breakers. So, no small shakes.

Oh wait, I forgot to mention they are both moms of two as well. The Jones/Cartwright cousin bond is just as strong as that of the siblings.

So they are both busy and need clothes for all different parts of their lives. So we styled three of our favorite Veronica Beard suits, the classic black scuba; the new, red three-piece scuba jacket, dress, and pants; and, one that is already in my closet, the floral wide-leg pant suit. All so different, but also so versatile. We showed you how to mix them up and make them work for you more ways than one.

Mark your calendars for our upcoming trunk show for Veronica Beard, March 8-10. All Veronica Beard will be 20 percent off.