Jumper1234, Your Spring Sweater Solution

We are always looking for new collections to add to both stores; we know that one of the reasons many of our clients shop with us is because we bring them the next, new thing before it’s the next, new thing. This time of year, I am also always looking for new pieces to brighten up my own wardrobe, which is why Jumper 1234 was the perfect fit for spring.

With a clammy spring last year, it seemed like we could never pack up our sweaters. I actually think I switched my closet in late May. Spring seemed to never want to come and the rain never seemed to stop. I found myself wanting some lightweight cashmere sweaters but I didn’t have enough. If it was a void in my wardrobe, I figured it might be in some customers’ as well.

Jumper 1234 was founded in 2014 by a group of friends in the UK. They wanted no-fuss pieces that sit timelessly, wear effortlessly, and still excite women. The cashmere is handmade in Mongolia and is naturally sustainable, so this is the good stuff and it is so soft! You might even like it so much you may not want the temperature to warm!

Designed in Britain (since they call sweaters “jumpers” across the pond), they are available in sizes 1, 2 3 and 4.  Get it? Jumper1234.

We hope you love the line as much as we do.