District Dish Is Back!

I kind of feel like District Dish is like the Alexandria version of Game of Thrones; we have been on hiatus so long that folks are wondering when will we return. I mean, I know the anticipation has been driving folks crazy. All kidding aside (I mean, a few folks did ask), we are finally back and better than ever. How could we be better, you ask? Well, we have invited some of our favorite Alexandrians to help model some of spring’s biggest trends for our comeback episodes.

I have to admit, I have enjoyed collaborating with Kelly from Bishop Boutique. She really is a hoot. My younger self would probably have been worried when a second shoe store opened. But my theory in later years has always been water makes all ship rise, and this has been true since she opened seven years ago. The more great stores we have in Old Town, the better.

So mark your calendars, pour your coffee, and hang out with us on Instagram Stories the following days and times.

And to get you excited for all things spring, we thought we would share our three favorite spring trends that we have at both stores, because great minds think alike.