The Scarf Print Trend

Florals are always big for warmer months, that goes without saying. But this spring, its close cousin, the scarf print, has taken over the fashion scene. Maybe it is the return of people wearing more silk scarves that has inspired designers to interpret these prints into clothing pieces.

I would possibly credit our current obsession with Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan for the revival of this fashion genre. The Brits (best exemplified by the late Princess Di) have always dressed “smart” in a button down or blazer with a silk scarf around their necks. And, of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the Queen and her scarves tied around her head to save her hair; I personally would like to bring this trend to Alexandria to save my blowouts for an extra day or so.

Scarf prints tend to be a little more subtle and can either lean Bohemian or more regal. Whatever you chose, there is a scarf-inspired print out there this spring that will work for you.