Introducing Manebi

When you walk the halls of the Javits Convention Center in New York City for market, it is divided somewhat by category. There is the denim section, the shoe section, the more casual section, and so on. One of my favorite sections is usually blocked off by different colored carpet and is located typically in the middle of the building. This is the section where smaller, international designers show their goods, arranged by country.

I’ve found this is a great spot to find emerging brands and unique lines – and one of my missions as a shopkeeper is to bring great, new designers to our clients long before they can find them in the department stores.

Last winter I was stopped in my tracks by a colorful display of espadrilles that were different than anything we had ever carried. They had bright colors, gorgeous fabrics, and shapes I had never seen before. Oh, did I mention two of the founders were there and well, they were hard to miss as you can tell in the photo above. The line was created by a group of friends that had a passion for summer and traveling.

I found a great video to show the amazing craftsmanship that goes in to making this beautiful shoes, and some other good-to-know facts about this line.

Manebi espadrilles are handmade using century old techniques.

They have an 100-percent jute sole, which guarantees the best breathability, making the shoe perfect even for the warmest months.

The fabrics and leathers are selected primarily from Italy and other European countries.

They are the perfect price to add a little something new to your summer shoe collection.