New Brand Alert: Sea New York

You know how no matter where you are from, there was always that super cool guy in every class at school? I am not talking the quarterback, but the one who was kind of wise beyond his years and seemed to know something we all didn’t know. Probably has that long hair or a ponytail and that I-just-rolled-out-of-bed vibe, well, because they probably just rolled out of bed. Everyone likes him and he doesn’t try.

So that is Sean, the co-founder of Sea New York. He’s like super cool, laid back…but you know he is smart and works hard because a brand can’t be built without that.

In 2007, Sean and his lifelong friend Monica Paolini started the brand from their loft-turned-studio-turned-showroom on Canal Street in New York City. Since opening our doors on Cameron Street, it is probably the brand folks have most often asked us to carry.

The clothes have unique feminine touches and playful twists. When you go to their showroom to review the line, you don’t sit and think: “I have seen a million other dresses just like that one.” Original and unique, we hope you enjoy their clothing and much as we do.

Please buy them, because I want to be able to keep hanging out with the cool kid at market!

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Sienna 3/4 Blouse | Maisey Dress
Leah Shirt | Bettina Tunic Dress | Zinnia Tee
Stella Jumpsuit | Zinnia Top | Bella Smocked Skirt