Brand Alert: Marion Parke

We are obsessed with the luxury shoe brand Marion Parke. You may have been able to tell by our multiple trunk shows, several blog posts, and constant feature on our Instagram feed. When a brand comes along that combines a patented orthotic insole plus fashion-forward design plus high-end Italian craftsmanship, we can’t help but be swept off our feet! You get it now, right?!

Turns out we aren’t the only ones who feel this way!

On Valentines Day, Forbes Magazine wrote a love letter to Marion Parke, confirming what we have known for years: “Park managed to do the unthinkable by creating shoes that are more than just beautiful — rather, shoes that are so different that once you slip into a pair, you know instantly that everything you’d been doing prior with your footwear (and to your feet) was all wrong. To see the quality of Parke’s shoes followed by experiencing the immediate support and stability provided by her insole is to instantly get her value add.”

Marion Parke is expanding, and taking the world by storm. We are so proud to have been one of the first brick and mortar stores to carry the Marion Parke shoe line, and we could not be more honored to now be in such great company with Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and goop.

To read the entire Forbes article click here. To see Marion Parke’s spring line in person, head to The Shoe Hive ASAP! It’s too good to miss out on!