Easter Goodies for All

The Shoe Hive has gotten a bit of a reputation when it comes to having, shall we say, some random things on the shelves in the back part of our store.  You never know what might appear on the brick wall, and, I must say, that is why I find that shelf space to be the most fun thing to shop for at market.

I started the “wall of gifts” during the holiday season and it was so well received we decided to keep it going. Everyone always needs gifts — either just a little something for a hostess gift, or maybe something for one of your friends who needs a little pick-me-up. Or what about the never-ending kids’ birthday circuit? Then, of course, there is Easter. I feel like with the holiday falling so late this year I am way behind.

We wanted to show you some great Easter basket ideas, but of course these gifts are great for any occasion. If you can’t make it in and need us to come up with a basket for someone, or just drop off some last minute gifts, send us a email at info@theshoehive.com and we’ll get it to you. We can even wrap it for you!