How To Style a Leather Jacket: 4 Looks for Right Now

Is there anything that screams “cool” more than a leather jacket? How many times does the “cool kid” in the movie or television show wear a beat-up leather jacket? From Marlon Brando to Fonzie to Top Gun, it is almost a part of the character description for the hero. There is just something about it. And when you find the perfect one, you never have to buy a second because it just gets better and better the longer you have it.

I recently picked up a new line, Anine Bing, and I knew immediately that I wanted to have one of her leather jackets in stock at all times. If you follow her on Instagram (I don’t follow; I stalk.) you will often see her wearing one from her collection, styled effortlessly, of course:

Anine Bing just arrived and it is a mix casual pieces that are laid back. Anine is the creative designer of her own line. She was born in Denmark, grew up in Sweden, and moved to L.A. when she was in her early 20s. You can see this Scandinavian influence in her line. She also operates a little differently. She will always have her core pieces, like the leather jacket, and each month she launches new pieces that are all buy-now-wear-now. I can’t wait to get them all in my closet.

As we unpacked the delivery, I thought, “who is cool enough to pull off this leather jacket?” Amy Miller Feehery was the first person to come to mind. Amy Miller and I have a few mutual friends. One in particular was always saying, “Don’t you know Amy Miller? You two should really know each other.” I didn’t meet her until the ultimate party of 2018: Katie’s baby shower. The party ended but we decided to continue it at a bar, and the entire time I thought why I didn’t meet this human earlier! As my son likes to describe people, she is a barrel of monkeys. Fun, happy, positive, and just easy to be around. She is also downright gorgeous, made even more beautiful by her perfect southern drawl.
I also thought a new friend was the perfect person to help introduce a new line!

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Look 1: The Jean Look

Tiger Tee by Emerson Fry, $48 | Olivia Crop High Rise by Citizens, $228 | Ranger by Sam Edelman, $75

Look 2: The Dress Look

Amber Dress by Veronica Beard, $695 | Odila by Sam Edelman, $120 | Grotto Drop Earrings by Lizzie Fortunato, $240

Look 3: The Cargo Look

Marlon Tee by Rag and Bone, $125 | Cropped Military Pant by Nili Lotan, $325
Beckie by Sam Edelman, $89 | Rome Hoops by Lizzie Fortunato, $95 

Look 4: The Shorts Look

The Tank Bodysuit by Rag and Bone, $95 | Martim Shorts by Ulla Johnson, $195
Paradise Charm Necklace by Lizzie Fortunato, $390 | Black Sand Earrings by Lizzie Fortunato, $265