Boulevard: A Trunk Show for All Your Gift-Giving Needs

Do you have your spring and summer gift list ready? I know mine is unusually long. I have teacher gifts, coach gifts, high school and college graduation gifts, shower gifts, along with a long list of summer birthdays.

Since my list is growing, I figure many Stylebook readers probably have a similarly long list. Even many gift-getting occasions are gift-giving events for you, as well. If you have kids graduating, that means you are wondering what to buy for all their classmates. And what about weddings? If you are the bride this summer, it seems like there are so many gifts to buy for other folks involved.

We found the perfect trunk show to host this spring to help everyone cross a bunch of folks off their lists: Boulevard. We carried them a few years back and customers have been asking for the line to return. Spring is a perfect time and there’s no better way for a reintroduction than a trunk show.

Boulevard has tote bags of every shape and size, makeup bags of every shape and size, key chains, purses, and even dog collars. Its selection is huge and there are tons of personalization options, as well. So, there is something for everyone.

All items are 20 percent off and the monogramming price, which is normally $10, is also 20 percent off. So bring your list; we are ready to help you tackle it. We will even wrap it up for you on your way out the door!