We *Don’t* Wear Short Shorts. A Post for People Who Prefer Pants. Or Just Like Cute Pants.

I have written about this subject before, so if you are an avid reader, I hereby apologize for repeating myself. I learned something new a few years back when I opened the clothing store: there are people who will not wear shorts. Like, 100 percent will-not-wear-shorts-not-even-if-it-is-110-degrees-outside people. Most will wear skirts or dresses of some sort. But there is a small fraction that no way in heck will wear actual shorts.

And on the same wavelength, there are people who don’t wear jeans. This I find even more confusing. Chris Kidd, the lone male employee in our stores, doesn’t even wear them. This aversion isn’t like my southern Grandma who would only put on “slacks” to garden or go fishing and was actually offended by jeans unless you were farming or riding a horse. These are young, stylish people who have no cultural prohibitions on denim. Don’t you find that a bit weird?

If you don’t, and if you are one of those who doesn’t wear shorts (or doesn’t want to show your legs), or one of those clients who doesn’t wear jeans, this is the season you have been waiting to happen.

We have so many cute and casual pants. We have cropped ones, cargo ones, colorful ones, ones with racer stripes, and some great basics. I feel like I sound like a fashion Dr. Seuss book!

We have great brands like Nili Lotan, Mother, and Rag & Bone, and they can be styled for any season. Come check them out – and revel in the not-yet-sweltering weather we are enjoying!