The New, Modern Mood (Ear)rings

If you are like me, your mood dictates what you wear. The days where I am running around in workout clothes that may or may not be dirty indicate the, “I am frazzled and I can’t get it together, but I really wish I could” mood. These days I hope I brushed my teeth but I had so much coffee I can’t tell. This is me most days, sadly.

Then there are the days when I am in a track suit or the athleisure wear and I am my happiest. This is my “l am so at ease today” wardrobe. I am a homebody by nature and this means: yes, I showered, but I get to stay inside most of the time, work from home, pick up the kids, and walk the dogs.

Next up is what I call my uniform. This is my “I am getting-stuff-done mood.” I might have meetings, work the floor at the store, and go to kid stuff. I love these days as well. I feel productive and typically am in my uniform of jeans, a shirt, and a blazer. I would say 10 months out of the year if I get dressed, this is what I am wearing.

Then there are days when I like to turn it up a notch. This is my “I am going to conquer the world mood.” I open up my closet and say to myself, girl, you spend all this money on clothes, put them on for Pete’s sake. Maybe my motivation is that I have an event at the store that evening and I need to look a little nicer than the norm, or I have drinks or dinner after work.

See my mood, and also my schedule, dictate my clothes.

When Lizzie Fortunato launched her mood hoop earrings a few years back, I thought it was so genius. The base was gold hoops (what I usually wear) and then you could add or subtract charms based on your style or mood. If you just want great basic gold hoops, wear them alone for a classic look. If you want something a little more elevated, add a basic white pearl. Maybe you want a charm that is a little longer or has a little more length to make a bit of a statement. Or you are at the beach and you want something laid back and a little Boho: add a coral charm.

Maybe you are a little more adventurous; you can wear different charms on different hoops. They don’t have to match! It is where ever your mood takes you.

When the mood hoops first launched they were only available online, but now they have expanded to their retail partners. So stop in, check out the selection, and build your own mood hoop.

The entire collection is 20 percent off during our trunk show from May 9 until May 12, but then the entire mood hoop collection all goes back to NYC, so come get it while you can.