Why We Are a Krewe Crew (Plus! Trunk Show Specials!)

Sometimes you get in a brand that becomes the surprise hit of the season. Yes, of course we already loved it and that is why we ordered it, but sometimes we just don’t realize how much it will resonate with people. That is what happened with Krewe. It is by far one of our most popular brands at The Shoe Hive.

I wish I had a dollar for every time a customer has said they are the best sunglasses they have ever had.

Here is the thing about Krewe: they hit all the marks that make a great product. First, they are different and not what you see everyone else wearing. Second, they are handcrafted in the USA, which means they are a quality product. Krewe also stands by their products: if they break they will repair or replace them. And as a store owner, working with them is so smooth, which makes our job a lot easier.

I like to credit these positive attributes to them being a New Orleans-based company. I have yet to meet someone from this great city who doesn’t have a wonderful spirit and is, well, just a ton of fun (Jane Spence, I am talking about you).

When we were planning our trunk shows for this spring we thought: why not give Krewe a call? To our surprise, they were thrilled. Not sure why we didn’t expect this, since the name of their company is based on a Mardi Gras tradition describing a group of people who parade in a celebration. They wanted to invoke the spirit of creative collaboration.

So we are having a Krewe party and you are all invited! Starting this Friday, May 17 through Sunday May 19, we will be hosting a Krewe trunk show. They are sending us a ton of styles. Not only with this be the largest selection we have ever had, we are also offering 20 percent off every style in the line.

So stop in and pick up some new shades for summer. We promise you will love them.