How To Style the Not So Basics

I met Dr. Shara Posner years ago. By years, I mean about 15 years ago when I opened the store and she had just opened up her practice, Back to Health Center. She was shopping in our store (back when there was just one, and it was on Royal Street) and, well, we realized we had a common love. Yes, yes we both love fashion, but what we bonded over was what brings many folks in Old Town together: our fur babies. We both just happened to own the cutest breed of dog ever, Boston Terriers. She has Winston and at the time we had Mosby. (Since then he has been succeeded by the daring duo of Bonnie & Clyde.)

So here is the thing you can’t miss: Shara is clearly a gorgeous person. But recently I have run into her more frequently at Mind the Mat and followed her on social media. She has become the JLo of Old Town: she is reverse aging right in front of our eyes and is undeniably a total smoke show. You probably recognize her from Street Style a few weeks back and I must say, she has never looked better. And this is after having two kids and running her practice, teaching Hawt Pilates, and teaching classes at Orange Theory. This lady is juggling a million things.

When we got in some silk jogger pants from Tibi, I wanted to make sure we styled them so people could see just how amazing they are. The first person to come to mind was Shara. Since we had her, I figured why not have her model some other pieces that folks might view as the “not so basic.” Yes, camo can seem a little tricky at times, but it really can be an easy print to add into your wardrobe. Yes, it used to be more of a fall pattern but these days it is getting lightened up in fabric and color, perfect for this warm weather.