Finally! Cute Holders for Sunglasses (or, You Know, Readers)

Lot’s of things change when you enter a new decade it seems. When I turned 40, which was six years ago, I decided to go to all my doctors and, wow, was that a rude awakening. One of the harshest reality checks was my appointment with my optometrist. I hadn’t been in probably five years. I have pretty good vision. But truth be told, trying to see the numbers on boxes and labels was getting to be a little difficult. Often times a 6 looked like an 8.

When it comes to product labels — makeup and medicine, mainly — I am confident that the font size has actually decreased. This is a cruel joke the FDA or whatever government agency regulates labeling is playing on me.

So, I have bifocals. Now, six years later, I need a much stronger prescription. The thing is, working in retail you look up at a computer, then down at box and so on, which makes it hard to focus. I end up putting my glasses on my head, stretching them out, and then when I lean over, which I do a lot in retail, they fall off my head.

I have been looking for a cute eyeglass holder for years! I have searched far and wide at market, on Etsy, and every glasses store I enter. I can’t seem to find ones that are cute. Until now! Donni to the rescue. They have come up a collection of the cutest eyeglass chains. They say they are for sunglasses but I think they might be too young to have bifocals or readers. They come in different materials and are the perfect accessory this summer if you do only wear sunglasses.