Summer Sale! Here Are Five Looks To Get You Started

How is it that we are already announcing our summer sale? It just seems like only yesterday we needed to swap out our closets from winter to spring clothes. So why are we starting the sale so early?

We know folks start to pack up and travel for the summer and we want to make sure our loyal customers get the best deals before they head out of town for the shore, the mountains, or on vacation. We also have lots of great pre-fall or summer deliveries and we need to make room. It seems like every day we unpacking a box of new items. Before one season has even come to an end, it seems like the next one has already started when you are in retail.

So stop in and shop early; the first week is always the busiest. Just to make the sale a little bit sweeter, for the first weekend, May 31 through June 2, we are going to give you an extra 20 percent off clearance items.

We decided to help with a little fashion inspiration and put together five looks with items that are all on sale.

Muscle Tank by Richer Poorer, Original $32 Sale $23 | Cedar Short by Ganni, Original $225 Sale $158 | Eda by Sam Edelman, Original $110 Sale $77 | Michon by Janessa Leone, Original $207 Sale $145 | Franka Satchel by Annabel Ingall, Original $465 Sale $326

Elm Georgette Dress by Ganni, Original $249 Sale $175 | Jaina by Sam Edelman, Original $110 Sale $77 | Francesca Tote by Annabel Ingall, Original $550 
Sale $385

Leah Shirt by Sea, Original $249 Sale $175 | High Waisted Looker Crop SSU by Mother, Original $228 Sale $160 |Solani by Sofft, Original $120 Sale $84

Giana Dress by Veronica Beard, Original $595 Sale $417

Dakota Flat by Manebi, Original $195 Sale $137

Elm Georgette Floral Long Dress by Ganni, Original $235 Sale $165 | Pointed Flat by AGL, Original $380 Sale $266 |Felix Medium by Jerome Dreyfuss, Original $1335 Sale $935