Back to the Future: Tretorns

There are certain trends from my childhood that I never ever want to repeat. The list is long and embarrassing. I mean, I had an asymmetrical haircut and there are photos (thankfully, undigitized photos) to prove it. I remember seeing the cover of Teen Magazine and taking it to my mom with hands trembling and asking if I could replicate the hairstyle. For some reason that is lost on me now, she said yes. To this day, I do not understand why. Beyond the hair, there was also the colored mascara phase that complimented my stylish new “do.”

Then there were the clothes. The Outback Red sweaters were often flipped to be worn backwards once I left my house, the Reebok high tops were ever-present, and there was so much neon I must have been easy to spot but difficult to look at.

Then there are things that make me so happy and nostalgic instead of horrified. Penny loafers. Culottes. All things pink and green. These tend to be from my elementary days and the prior, less attractive trends were from middle school, the time in life that we all like to forget.

But there is one trend from middle school that does make me jump for joy and it just arrived at The Shoe Hive: Tretorns. Yes, the classic court shoe that so many of us grew up wearing is back. I realize there is a certain age cohort for whom these shoes bring about this sentiment and that everyone under the age of 30 has no clue what they are. My eyes welled up as they were unpacked and Shannon and Penelope had a look of confusion on their faces.

There is just something about them that takes me back to fun dips at the pool and the idea that baby oil was a great sun tan lotion.

They are also still just as cute and comfortable and they were in the 70s and 80s. They are selling fast but don’t worry, we will always stock the basic Nylite in all white and white with green. The Rawlins is also becoming a favorite. The prices are also hard to beat, with everything under $100. So come get back to the future with the shoes you remember – Tretorns – at The Shoe Hive this month.

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Nylite Sneaker by Tretorn
Nylite White with Green by Tretorn
Nylite White Sneaker by Tretorn
Nylite in Ivory with White Sneaker by Tretorn
Rawlins2 in Beige by Tretorn