Step Right Up for the First-Ever Old Town Carnival!

Growing up in Ohio, my summers were mainly spent at the pool and playing tennis. There was one other summer activity, however, that makes me think of my childhood: county fairs! I know, it’s the total opposite of country club living, but we all have our beautiful contradictions.

My mom is from a farm in central Kentucky. She loved a good county fair, so we would always visit the ones around us, along with her hometown fair. Then, of course, the summer ended with biggest of them all, The Ohio State Fair. Not to brag, but we had the biggest cow sculpture made entirely of butter. I am sure you are jealous.

I loved the games and, of course, the fair food. I have not met a funnel cake or corn dog I didn’t like.

So a few store owners were chatting and we wanted to get together and plan something fun this summer – just a way to celebrate the warmer days and the walk around our great town.

I wanted to do a full-fledged Old Town Fair but I think some of the city folk who own King Street’s stores had no idea what I was talking about, so we are having the next best thing, a carnival! That is right, step right up and enjoy games and prizes at 14 different shops in Old Town on Saturday, June 15 from 11am to 5 pm. Each store will have a different game and fun prizes if you decide to play.

But it wouldn’t be an event without a really big prize. Collect a stamp at every store (you don’t have to play the game to get a stamp) and then you are entered to win a prize of $1,400 worth of gift cards, $100 from each participating store.

At The Shoe Hive we will have two fun activities, Corn Hole (customized of course) and, from noon to 2 pm, Stomping Ground will be there making popcorn in our courtyard with fun sauces and seasoning. The Hive will have ladder ball, and both stores will have adult and kids prizes.

The only sad part about this weekend is that I won’t be in town — because I am really good at Corn Hole. Follow us on Instagram and this summer there will be spontaneous “Beat Elizabeth at Cornhole” contests. But I’ll warn you: you’d better practice.