New Brand Alert: A.L.C.

I am always on the lookout to bring new lines into the store. We always need a little boost to what we are offering. One way that I have found is the easiest way to determine which lines to carry is if I have been purchasing items from that brand from other stores. I say this partly as a confession and partly a preemptive absolution. I know my friends always feel bad when we go to dinner and they have on clothing or shoes from other places – there’s no need for that; even I shop at other places.

Last winter and this spring there were a couple must-have pieces for me from designer A.L.C. I also noticed I had a few pieces from the line that had been in my closet for years and yet I still can’t part with them. This was a clear sign to me I needed to take a look.

I had also listened to a podcast with the designer, Andrea Lieberma. Her vision and story were amazing. She was one of the first people to style musicians and the client that put her on the map was none other than Jennifer Lopez. Remember the green Versace number from the Grammy Awards in 2000? That was Andrea’s idea. That moment has been credited with creating Google image search.

A.L.C. is a little edgier that other lines we have carried. The pieces aren’t like anything else you have in your wardrobe. There is always a little twist and extra flare. They have some shapes and styles that they do every season, which is a sign to me that they work. They have the cut and fit down perfectly, so they flatter and work well with other pieces.

We just saw the holiday and resort collections and we can’t wait to bring in more party dresses and tops later this fall.

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Ines Tee by A.L.C.
Kati Tee by A.L.C.
Kidman Dress by A.L.C.
Sally Dress by A.L.C.
Imani Top by A.L.C.
Sandra Top by A.L.C.