What Is Pre-Fall? Here’s a Look

Summer’s official start happened in a flash and, of course, this means that fashion has moved to the next season. The good news for you is that this threshold means brand new bargains on what’s left from the just-ended season. Our sale has started as we prepare the arrival of fall merchandise (which makes me do a little happy dance – it’s my favorite by far). Before fall arrives there is a “season” the fashion houses have squeezed in between the two major “deliveries” and it is called Pre-Fall. You know, the one that comes right before fall.

All jokes aside, I typically love the selections from what is known as transition. I think the pieces tend to have more wearabilty. Instead of making a jacket out of linen for summer or wool for fall, these pieces tend to be great blends that are 10-to-12-months-out-of-the-year options and travel well (thank you, polyester – a little of you takes us a long way).

Many of the Pre-Fall pieces have already arrived and are on our shelves. So stop in or shoot us an email if there is something specific about which you’d like to learn more.

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