Courtyard Clearance Returns!

It is that time of year again! The rented fold-up tables have been ordered and we are ready for our annual Courtyard Clearance! This is when we get out the red pens, or maybe the colored stickers, and we mark our inventory down – and I mean way down.

Each weekend in July we will have a different promotion. We will announce on Thursdays via Alexandria Stylebook and in our emails and the deals will start Friday morning and run through Sunday when we close. Each deal will last only that weekend and then Monday we will bring all back inside and it goes back to the current sale price (right now all spring is 40 percent off, for example).

This weekend is the first great deal and we will have tables with merchandise marked at either $25 or $50. We will even bring over a few clothing items from The Hive each weekend to have in the courtyard.

So, rain or shine, this is happening. If it rains you just might have to come inside for the deals. But let’s hope mother nature cooperates, because dragging all those boxes and racks back in and out can be, well, a real drag.

Make sure you check Alexandria Stylebook next Thursday for the next great deal.