The Socks I Didn’t Know I Needed

I have never been one who is crazy about wearing socks. I think it is a genetic thing. I grew up in Ohio and even if there was snow on the ground my dad still wore penny loafers without socks. I passed this gene on to my son as well. He hates wearing socks and it is a constant battle to keep him in them. Getting them on requires a negotiation and you can guarantee that two minutes after he hits the door there are two dirty socks strewn somewhere in my house. But when I give him grief, I realize I am not wearing any either.

I think part of my hatred for socks, especially with sneakers (I will say when exercising I always wear socks just so you don’t think I am totally insane) is that they are always falling off my feet and getting crumbled up in my shoes, making them more uncomfortable.

I recently traveled to Italy with my family and I decided at the last minute to grab some of the no-show socks from Richer Poorer from the store. They come in sets of two, have cute patterns (even though you don’t see them), and so I thought: why not give socks a try? I knew we would be walking and a few ill-advised trips to market in New York with no socks have taught me a lesson: that if you are going to be logging lots of steps, you’d better be wearing socks.

I am now a total convert to these Richer Poorer no-show ankle socks. I do not know what they do or how they do it, but they do not slip off. We walked a minimum of five miles a day in Rome and Umbria and never did I have to stop or lean down and adjust my socks. They have a little bit of rubber on the inside portion of the heel that I think is the magic element. That, along with the fabric, fit, and extra elastic on the front of the foot to secure the top section, combines to hold your sock in place, even after miles of walking.

If you are traveling this summer and plan on walking, you need these socks.

Of course, Richer Poorer has tons of cute styles. I know the trend these days is to show a little bit of your sock and that higher socks tend to stay up better, but I’m into these functional and cute hidden socks instead. Whatever your preference, we have tons of great socks by Richer Poorer. Your feet and shoes will thank you.