What We Get Asked for the Most

When I ask customers what they want more of at our store the answer I hear the most is: pants, both casual and work pants, and skirts. They’re not the show pieces of your wardrobe and I think that’s why people are looking to us for answers. We think we have solved the casual pant dilemma with great cotton options by Nili Lotan, Rag & Bone, Sundry, and even Mother denim has gotten in on the chino game.

But what about when you want something a little dressier? We have always struggled with finding great pants that can be worn all 12 months of the year and can be worn for work or dressed up for going out.

This season, I’m proud to tell you we have cracked the code on this dilemma. We have so many great options right now! These not-so-basic basics have great details like buttons, ties, and subtle patterns. We also have navy and cream if you are looking for another option besides your go-to black pants. So come in and solve your pants problems at The Hive.