Now Is the Time: It’s the Final Courtyard Clearance Weekend.

Have you been to our annual summer clearance sale yet? Or have you just been watching as the prices keep dropping, waiting to make your move? If you haven’t gotten in on the savings, this weekend is the final time we will take the red pen out before the city-wide Sidewalk Sale Saturday, August 10.

I guess this is kind of the Gamblers’ Weekend sale. You know the rock bottom price is yet to come, but you also know that selection will be extremely limited once we get to that point. Are you willing to take that chance?

To make your decision easier, we’ve made this last Courtyard Clearance very simple to understand: $100 denim, $100 blouses, and one of my favorite shoe brands, Marion Parke, marked down as low as $250 and $300.

In case you don’t know about Marion Parke, she is a podiatric surgeon who started a luxury footwear company after all her patients complained about not being able to find comfortable heels. All made in Italy, each shoe has a medical-grade orthotic. The material and cushioning in these shoes mold to your feet over time; they start out feeling great and just get better.

These deals are so good, the merchandise likely won’t last. So, shop early for the best selection.