The 2020 Alexandria Boutique Warehouse Sale

It is that time of year again: mark your calendars and plan your day for The Alexandria Boutique Warehouse Sale. This year it will be held February 8th (a week later than normal) at The Westin in Old Town Alexandria.

If I am doing my math right, this marks the 16th year of this event. It is hard to believe how much it has grown over the years. When we started, we had just a few stores and we all set up in the Campagna Center in Old Town. We had no idea what to expect. But by the time we were ready to open the doors, there was a line down the block! Literally, since the first time we opened the doors, it has been a hit. I remember you actually could not move the first hour of the sale back in 2006. We’ve learned as we go along and now manage the flow of customers so that everyone has elbow room.

Yes, there are great deals to be found (most vendors have items marked from 60 to 80 percent off) but it is also a great way to find out about new stores and businesses. We keep the lineup of stores all locally owned but now there are participants from all across the region and not just Old Town.

This year we have 25 great vendors and the list is still growing. We also have activities planned for the dreaded 8am – 9am hour while folks are in line waiting for the doors to open or if you just want a break. Keep reading Alexandria Stylebook for more details and check our Facebook page for more information and a contest to win an exclusive pass to shop before the doors open to the public.