Meet the Hive Gals

Change is a good thing. At least that is what people tell me when it happens so I don’t have a panic attack. Truth be told, I am a creature of habit. Which is a good and bad thing. I have been fortunate that we have not had a ton of turnover at the stores. But of course, at some point everyone moves on.

This past year we have seen a few folks move on who have been such a huge part of our success – and of course we miss them terribly. Katie and her sister-in-law, Megan Podolsky, are the new proprietors of Mint Condition and Chris Kidd moved on to pursue his career as a professional cyclist and triathlete.

So, we have a lot of new faces and we thought it might be nice to let everyone know when we are all around and what we all do!

Elizabeth, Owner

My favorite thing to do is work the floor; I wish I could do it more. I work the floor Thursdays, Fridays, lots of Saturdays, and of course special events. Trust me, I wish I was actually working “in” the store more than “on” the store – the behind-the-scenes work is a lot more tedious. I always hear, “I never see you anymore,” but I promise I am still working. I spend most of my time writing Stylebook, planning events, and of course I do all the buying, which has become a non-stop process. So placing orders, chasing orders, and all the in between is what takes up my days Monday – Wednesday.

Penelope, Director of Operations

I have to say, Penelope literally just walked in my store after I texted her more than three years ago. We had a mutual friend and I needed some extra hands while we opened the second store. She had never worked retail, but she was an absolute natural. She is great at keeping everything and everyone in order. You can find her working the floor four days a week at both stores.

Madeline, Director of Marketing

Madeline is a true creative and she has fantastic style, which is why we put her in charge of social media and marketing. She has a natural ability to know what looks good and share that skill with all of us. You can find her in the store three or four days a week and of course always on stories!

Shannon, General Manager

Shannon is another person we just lucked into finding. She is the most organized and efficient person around. We all want to work with Shannon because we know whatever is on the list to get done will get a check by it. Shannon is in charge of the website (which is why it is now updated so quickly) and you can find her working the floor at either store four days a week.

Mary, Assistant Manager

Mary is our newest addition but you have all probably met by now. A recent graduate of WVU, she has a talent for making the store and windows look amazing (which when Katie left, we weren’t sure who was going to be able to do that) and we are so lucky to have her as part of the team. You can find her working the floor at either store five days a week.


Basically when Kristi quits, I will probably shut down the stores. Kristi has been with us for more than seven years I think. If you know her, you know she is the most kind and pleasant person you will ever meet. The amount of times we all say, “we wish there were more Kristis in the world” can’t be counted. She works most weekends and you can find her at either store a few other days during the week.


Many of you know Juliet from Hysteria. When a little birdie told me she was ready to get back into retail I will admit, I stalked her a little bit. I can’t tell you how many times people text me and just say, Juliet is the best. Not just customers, but everyone that works there too. So, stop in Mondays at The Hive and I am sure you will say the same thing. We talk her in to some weekends and special events as well.


If you don’t look at our stories on Tuesdays and Sundays (we like to call them Tulledays) or follow Alicia on Instagram @Tullebox you are missing out. She always looks good and well, she is a wonderful human. If you want to make sure you are getting pieces that work for you in your daily life, then you need to come in on Tuesdays or Sundays and see Alicia.


This is a new term to me, but Angelica slid into our DMs (I hope I am saying that right) almost a year ago. I like to call her Angelica the Angel!! A retail girl at heart and a true lover of fashion and clothing, she has been working in retail for years. She is home with her daughter most of the time, but lucky for us on Tuesdays and Thursdays she works at the store in the late afternoon and you can find her most Saturdays as well.


I have known Sheila for years and when she texted me this summer about wanting to possibly work at the store, I really thought she was messing with me. Not only is she working the floor at The Hive on Wednesdays, she is also contributing to Alexandria Stylebook as much as I can get her to do so. She is a prolific and charming writer, so you don’t want to miss her posts. I wish we could make her read her posts audibly because she has the best accent around.


You used to see a lot more of Lacey when she was in graduate school. Now that she has another full-time job, we will beg her to work a few weekend shifts a month. We might not see as much of her this spring since she is getting married in May, but we are so happy to have her whenever she is willing!


The other newest addition is Kaylie. She recently moved here from Boston and has full time job during the week (she does all of Sara Campbell’s social media) and we were lucky enough to get her to work weekends at our store. She was the easiest person to train because her prior job was managing a shoe boutique in Boston that was very similar to The Shoe Hive. She knows her stuff!