The Hive Spring Lookbook

Spring is not right around the corner – this last cold blast reminds us we have some time to wait. But of course, soon all we will have on our shelves at The Hive is spring clothing. Some of it you can incorporate into your wardrobe right away, and with some, you will have to wait for warmer weather, but it is still fun to look!

I will admit, I am normally not a spring clothing person. Fall has always been my jam. But I am going to be putting my name on a lot of these line sheets for this particular spring season to make sure I get what I “need.” At the top of my list is the Equipment leather shorts and matching sweater with patches. I am not sure if there has ever been anything in our store that more defines my personal style than this outfit – so I am really excited. Maybe you will find something to be that excited about too!

I also wanted to share some of my favorite trends with you for spring.

  • • The Shirt Dress: This is a customer favorite as well. It makes getting dressed easy and is comfortable.
  • • Sherbet Colors: Nothing says spring like this season’s color palette. The greatest shades of pink and green that will just make you smile. We could all use a few pieces to brighten up our wardrobe.
  • • Suits and Sets: I know everyone loves dresses, but, really, suits and sets make getting dressed just as easy! They also can be broken up to add so much versatility to your wardrobe. I can’t wait for the white and floral Tibi sets to arrive.
  • • Grass Green: I love-love-love green. Especially this particular shade (olive green is big for spring as well) — I think it really looks great on everyone. And I mean we all have a lot of black pants, but we all need grass green cargos don’t you think!
  • • Rompers: I could not be happier about this trend. We could put this at the top of my husband’s most hated trends, especially the utility ones – but I still have my eye on the pink one from ALC.

Look through our digital look book or stop in and take a peek at the printed version. Either way, sign up or email me at and we will make sure to notify you when we unpack what you are interested in.