Inspired by Little Women

Typically when Oscar night rolls around I realize I have turned into my parents and have not seen a single movie that was nominated. When my kids were younger I had the animated category locked up, but no more.

I was trying to remember what movies I saw in a movie theater in 2019. The list was short. Two superhero movies, The Avengers: Endgame and then Spiderman: Far from Home (I am not sure who likes these more, my 10-year-old son or me) and then Cats, which is two hours of my life I can’t get back.

But in 2020 I have redeemed myself and saw one of the best movies ever, Little Women. Of course this book is one of my favorites and my 12-year-old daughter has read it three times. I could not wait to see it.

I kind of consider this the literary and PG rated version of Sex and The City. Before you roll your eyes, hear me out. Back in the 90s a fun game among girlfriends was to pick out the Sex and the City character you would be. Most wanted to be Carrie of course. I will admit, I didn’t really identify with any of them, but I did see some of my style in all of them…well, not Samantha.

I think this is what happens when we watch or read Little Women. We all identify a little with each character. One of my friends has two boys and she said she found herself seeing her boys in the characters along with herself. I think that is why we all love the story so much.

So, in honor of Oscar night (coming up this Sunday!) and since clothes help define the character, we decided it be fun if we could pick outfits from the stores to represent three of our favorite characters.