Veronica Beard: From Work Wear to Casual with The Patterson Group

Last year when it came time to let everyone know about the Veronica Beard Trunk show I made a call to two of my friends, the Schell sisters (Emily Jones and Evie Cartwright) to model. I knew they were the perfect two to bring the spring collection to life. They are also both working moms, extremely committed to civic involvement, and know just about everyone. Well, it was one of our most popular posts ever on Alexandria Stylebook.

So come 2020, I had to think. What other group of women do I know who are fellow entrepreneurs, fun, and super involved in our community? I mean, after the Schell Sister Standard, I need to break the internet with this post. Then it hit me: my fellow Stylebook contributors, The Patterson Group, of course! This is an all-woman-owned-and-operated business that has the number one sales in Alexandria. I would also like to note that I asked them before Britt said all the nice things about me in her post a few weeks ago.

I honestly don’t know if there is a local business that gives more to our community than this group of women (I really don’t know where Alexandria would be without all of our realtors and their support, to be fair).

Just follow them on social media @pattersonrealestategroup and you can see how committed they are to organizations like The Alexandria Seaport Foundation and The Campagna Center, just to mention a few.

Here is the other thing, every time we ask them to help with something, they say yes in about two seconds. Here is the other rare thing: there is no scorecard with this group of ladies. They are always willing to help, either with time or a financial assist. Let’s face it, none of us have much free time but when I called and said, “can you take time out of your busy schedule to model,” they were ready and willing.

Did I also mention how much fun they are? I want to get invited to a Patterson family dinner. My husband always says laughter is my most valued currency, and oh how they laugh.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

The photos are in one of the Patterson Group’s property listings but between the time we scheduled the shoot, and actually did they shoot, it sold.

We wanted to show everyone how easy it is to take these pieces from work wear to casual. Since we are all so busy, we need clothing that is just as versatile as our lives.

Come by starting Thursday, March 5th – Sunday, March 8th to check out our huge selection of Veronica Beard. It will all be 20 percent off the entire collection – and that includes special orders. Our Veronica Beard representative will be there to help, and we are staying open until 8pm!