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Bryce S/S Polo in Vintage Pink by AG Denim

$88.00 USD

The Bryce S/S Polo in vintage pink is a unique addition to our Basic  Essentials assortment, made with our ultra-luxe jersey fabrication.  The  self-collar adds a modern take on your classic polo shirt. Our Jersey  Knit offers a luxurious comfort that is unrivaled—knitted with both  S-twist and Z-twist yarn to sustain longevity and stability, preventing  unnecessary twisting and torquing. During the production process, the  S-twist yarn is spun counter-clockwise creating a right-handed twill.  The Z-twist yarn works in opposition, spinning clockwise for a  left-handed twill. This opposition—when working together—yields a  softer, more durable fabrication and gives strength to the yarn making  it more difficult to pull apart. Designed in 100% Cotton. 


1 piece in stock.

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