Cloud in Navy by ROAM

$130.00 USD

The Cloud sandals are made with exquisitely soft faux  fur. The faux fur is married with a thick memory foam to create a snug,  cozy fitting sandal. The ROAM footbed is a contoured cushion foam which  provide both tremendous comfort and support. They are wrapped in sleek  black neoprene, for breathability and moisture wicking to keep your feet  happy and dry. Our BIO EVA soles are a bold, durable tread which have  excellent grip and bounce. Perfect for ROAMING anywhere.... whether it  is traveling around your city or exploring a new one, post-workout, to  and from the office, school drop offs, or walking your dog...anywhere  you'd want your feet to be fashionable, cool and comfortable. R0AMs  should fit snug on your feet, for a flop-free walk. Please see the size  chart to find your ideal fit 

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