Deluxe Front Pocket Wallet RFID in Forest by Bosca

$90.00 USD

The Old Leather Front Pocket Wallet has big features with a  small profile. If you are trying to cut out unnecessary clutter, then  this is the wallet for you.   This wallet was created for your front pocket, to give your back pockets  a much-needed break. The exterior money clip has two rare earth magnets  to keep your bills secure. The deep center well can fit cards and  folded cash.   On the outside of the wallet there are three additional card pockets for  storing credit cards, ids, and loyalty cards.   Made from our famous Old Leather, this wallet stands out among the rest.  The deep coloration and high gloss finish highlight the natural grain  and textures in the hide. Old Leather lasts for decades, aging  gracefully over the years. Old Leather is unmistakable, classic and  dependable, making it the perfect leather for the distinguished  individual. The Old Leather Front Pocket Wallet is perfect for the  refined gentleman with an appreciation for minimalism and    

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