Eco Nylon Cropped Bomber in Midnight Navy

$595.00 USD

This assortment serves as your WOFs (Without Fails) and are designed to create space in your wardrobe for creativity and experimentation. No matter how extreme your closet may become, these pieces serve as the grounding element that ties everything together. Crafted from an Eco Nylon fabrication, the Cropped Bomber in Midnight Navy lends itself to countless occasions for wear traversing Play, Dinner, and Work with ease. Featuring a slightly cropped silhouette that embodies the universal adjectives of those who share in the CP mindset—Chill, Modern, and Classic—this Ring 2 style will minimize cost per wear, while reaping maximum sartorial reward. With a two-way double zipper that catalyzes Big-Slim-Skim, this style effortlessly pairs back to voluminous bottoms, affording the wearer complete control of their individual style narrative.

Content + Care: 100% Polyamide


1 piece in stock.


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